Alum Descry is a 26 year old man who has lived a seemingly simple life. His entire life in the city of Cosmos has been peaceful and easy to maintain. The Mayor of the city, "Mr.Glym", is praised for all his heroic acts and the genuine kindness he shows to all the inhabitants of Cosmos. Mr.Glym is also highly revered for the invention and production of E-bots (robots that protect Cosmos from creatures of darkness that come from the frozen wasteland outside the city). The city of Cosmos was designed to make all aspects of living -school, work, protection and entertainment- as convenient and comfortable as can be. Alum is married to a beautiful woman named Esther, and they have lived contently in love for two years together as Alum works as a message runner for "The Golden Stork" (the mailing system for the city of Cosmos). But within the last few months, Esther has become dull, growing more and more despondent with every passing day. It has gotten so bad that she hasn't spoken in two weeks. The emptiness in the connection between Alum and his wife is destroying him inside, day in and day out. Rumor has it, there is an epidemic known as "The Vague" sweeping through Cosmos. It is apparently plaguing more and more people with an overwhelming sense of disconnection and causing them to seem more dead to each other than alive. Alum is fearful that he himself is infected. Underneath the surface, his heart is growing hopeless and cold. This is where our story begins; as he steps outside his door for another day of work, Alum is really being drawn to step outside of the system he's always lived in, in order to find some answers! There is a deeper force at work, orchestrating the situations around him that will ultimately bring him into full discovery of who he really is, and will unveil the depths of what's really going on.
Do you have the wits and bravery to guide Alum along his epic journey?