Press Kit

Alum Press Kit

This is the Alum press page. Here you can find info and media for press coverage. If you need additional files or details, please let us know.

Fact Sheet
  • Devolper: Crashable Studios
  • Release date: Quarter 1, 2015 (PC), Mac/Linux/IOS/Android TBD 
  • Website:
  • Price: USD 15.00
  • Availability:  Steam
  • Press Contact:


Alum is an original point-and-click adventure game. It has the nostalgic feel of classics (90's Lucasarts, Sierra games) mixed with modern game-play elements and pacing that caters a more towards this generation. The world, story, and characters lean towards a RPG-esque style, while the game-play mechanics and puzzles stay true to the classic point-and-click genre. 

Guide Alum on his journey through the dangerous, icy, "Land of Tide". Help him discover the truth about his city, Kosmos, and the mysterious epidemic known as "The Vague". As the tale unfolds, it will keep you enthralled all the way up to its epic conclusion. 

  • Full length game (roughly 10-15 hours of game-play) 
  • Over 70 hand-drawn backgrounds - Including a map screen to travel across the "Land of Tide"
  • All original soundtrack (live recorded instruments mixed with electronic elements) 
  • Intuitive puzzles that are logical, balanced, and rewarding (no pixel hunting) 
  • Full voice acting 
  • Gratifying frame by frame animations 
  • Retro classic resolution 


Crashable studios is an independent game developer started in 2012 by two brothers, Micah and Luke Orsie. We are artists and gaming enthusiasts, and we have always had a special place in our hearts for the point-and-click adventure genre. Our goal is to create games that combine the nostalgia of the old classics with modern sensibilities and pacing for the new generation... and we believe we have the ability and passion to make it happen! With our creative ability and experience in the arts, we are covering ever aspect of the game's development. Alum is the first project under our name, so we are excited & determined to share what we have to offer.

Preview Trailer download: Link 
Trailer youtube:


Download as a zip: Link 


  • Micah Orsie - Programming, Music
  • Luke Orsie - Art, Music, Animations, PR
  • William Gains - Programming